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Entrusted with the well being of his late best friend’s daughter, Laura, former
intelligence officer Jim Marshall had kept his promise well beyond what was expected
of him. Now an accomplished young woman, Laura Armitage uses Marshall’s
connections to become the unlikely candidate to an elite US Navy unit. A tragedy
still shadowing her days, a cold-hearted Lieutenant Armitage flees the rubbles
of a shattered life to report  for duty and face discrimination, humiliation, and the
cover-ups of the Iran-Contras scandal, each threatening to irrevocably mar her
sense of patriotism. Struggling to assess the value of her allegiance to the flag
and accept the secrecy of her status, she stands her ground through every mission
from the Middle East to the Arctic Circle. She does it all, aware her tenacity
and integrity may not be enough to win over her teammates and her
contemptuous commanding officer, Lieutenant T.J. Wilkins.
“Beyond Those Hills: an Officer and a Lady” is a multifaceted self-discovery
journey amidst gunfights, the power struggle against then- USSR
and the rise of terrorism on the world scene. This meticulously documented,
Cold-War era military fiction depicts three lives intertwined by love, lust,
death and a sense of duty that rises above politicians’ corruption.
It is a compelling tale of redemption woven into the private battles
of a female warrior.

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2010 selection
Winner-Honorable Mention in the Historical Event Fiction Category
(MWSA Books Awards 2011)
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